• How many members can the community hold ?

      We have room for 200 international members. The available spaces are limited !

    • Why is there such a strict selection process ?

      Cars and Business wants to be thé meeting place -as well online as in the real world- for car crazy entrepreneurs who desire to enjoy their collection of shiny toys. You don't need to own a Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche or Lamborghini, but it sure does help ! Fast Audi's or BMW's are sometimes allowed to join, and sometimes special semi-classics as well. What is an absolute requirement though, is that you are an enjoyable entrepreneur. And that is determined by me... As you can see, to apply for membership, personality is more important than horsepower.

    • What does a membership cost ?

      A membership costs 15,000 AED. It will be automatically renewed every year. You can cancel at least 30 days before the renewal date.

    • On what grounds can a member be expelled ?

      When the member does not adhere to the terms and conditions of Cars and Business.

    • Why does Cars and Business use a secure website ?

      Your personal data is password protected to prevent them from being visible to non-members.

    • How does your website work ? What can I do with it ?

      Once you are signed up, you can access the member area of the website. The website has multiple functionalities, but can mainly be used as an information and communication tool.

    • Why do I have to add a personal picture and a picture of my car ?

      People are joining Cars and Business with the intention of meeting new people and enjoying exotic cars. It is nice to see who is a member of the community, and which cars are represented here.

    • How can I expand my network ?

      There are two ways to accomplish this: by introducing new members to Cars and Business or by connecting to existing members in Cars and Business.